Saturday, May 17, 2014

Everything about Fingering Vagina: Making Her Touch The Sky

Fingering Vagina

Fingering is one of the most erotic ways of making your wife or girlfriend reach orgasm. If done well, this sexual technique can make your partner experience maximum pleasure – even harder than what your penis or mouth can do. If you are not confident with yourself, do not fret! There are a few tips on how you can make your chick scream for more.

Fingering vagina requires that know how many fingers will make your girl feel the heavens. Start with one finger, then two… depending with what she is ok with. But before penetrating inside her pussy, aim for her clit; the main point of stimulation for every woman. The clit, better known as clitoris, is located at the upper part of the pussy-lips above the entrance of the vagina. You’ll have to spread her lips so as to see it – it resembles a small bean seed.

Many girls like it slow, soft and very gently. Make sure your finger is nice and wet when handling the 'stimulator' -- clit; use a lube or better still, your mouth to keep them dripping. There is also another option; if her cunt is really wet, dip two of your fingers gently in her hole to get them wet enough before going for her bean.

Pussy fingering

If she is not wet, don’t rush to play with her G-spot. Start by touching and kissing her on her mouth, including other places like the ears, the neck, suck her earlobes going down to the nipples. Kiss her tummy, then her inner thighs, legs and toes; suck the toes, then finally passionately kiss her ass whispering dirty talk gently up her ear. Do whatever it takes to get her pussy wet, you can even ask her how she likes it best, or get some heads-up from fingering vagina at pussies archive.

When she’s wet, this means she is ready. Gently place the two fingers – the index and the middle finger are great candidates for this – over her clitoris, then softly rub and tease side to side, up and down, and around it. As you do this, always try to be as delicate and light as you can. Tease and play with it as if you are playing with delicate petals of a rose flower. When she gets turned on, you’ll start to feel it swelling and expanding. In case your fingers get dry, spit on her clit or use a pussy juice to keep them really wet.

Know how to set the right amount of tempo by finding the regular motion that she likes, and do it again and again. When she is squirming and getting into it, work your way inside her hole using the two fingers touching the top of the vagina in such a way that feel a rough part when you are about 3 inches inside her. The fleshy patch of skin situated inside on the top is what we call the G-spot! Push up and down ensuring that you reach the G-spot, and as you do this, licking and sucking her clit will work wonders – trust me.

Repeat the motion slowly increasing the tempo, and when she starts to get into her sexual might, do not stop! With the nice pussy fingering, she should start throbbing, gyrate, and then have a really powerful orgasm. For additional information, please check how guys do it in free porn movies.